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Hosted through a live-streaming platform, you will be integrated into one of the most uncharted & widely used areas found in the MASSIVE amount of professional networking systems. Whether you’ve never snapped before daily life or you been snap chatting with your buddies for years these courses for make it easy to understand HOW to navigate thru social data analysis and build RELATIONSHIPS across industries globally that actually bring VALUE to the table.

WHY adapt yet again to another social platform?? Because this platform is MORE than popularity contest & it’s NOT just a hot trend of the week on it’s way out…

Snapchat is here to stay my friends & whether your in B2B or B2C: if the main TARGET MARKET of consumers are under the age of 35 … YOU NEED TO BE ON SNAPCHAT!!

Join the 2nd most used APP with over 10 billion snaps happening daily to CAPTURE the consumers attention & stay AHEAD OF THE CURVE with networking and QUALITY engagement directly to leads. This is a minor financial & time investment in relation to the long term ROI numerous potential business opportunities be two times, three times, or 10 times more than where your at now.

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"Ashley is the kind of sociable and action-oriented person that gets things DONE- fast AND well. She is always informed about new technologies, even seeming to be one step ahead, and never hesitates to give kudos to a fellow entrepreneur or colleague. Ashley's Snapchat training has been extremely valuable in teaching me a new way to communicate with clients and potentials- which translates to more revenue! Ashley is unique and indispensable- she brings energy, positivity, planning and skill to every project she touches and I highly recommend her."

Corrina Forwood

Company Name: Corrina Edits & Tandem Diabetes Care: Insurance Verification Specialist & Freelance Editor