Snap 101 – Hybrid Training Early Bird


Covering all aspects of the functionality, the hands on practice, story-telling marketing, & reverse engineered prospecting are just some of the HIGH-LIGHTS of this attention grabbing, step-by-step LIVE-STREAMING training program offered NOW at this special early adapter rate and hybrid format. EASILY learn, touch and feel as you practice and can ask questions in REAL-TIME how you too can utilize Snapchat as a business tool and grow a community right thru Snapchat….

Wondering who I am and what makes me qualified?? Well after growing a highly engaged and interactive network from 600 to 3000 in just 6 weeks I realized I had more than a skill for people but a talent for making it easy to understand and with the live-streaming platform there's a mass amount of opportunity to guide those that are curious but need a little extra push… Well here's your chance to learn the tips and secrets for not just understanding Snapchat but realizing that this approach can be carried through all social media platforms with minimal adjustments to directly and instantly reach just about anyone under 35.

Check out this creative collaboration initiated and executed all within ONE WEEK!! 4 min preview of the 1st EVER community creation, Snapchat Movie, the #GlobalSnapSwap.

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